Poetry of photography: Excerpts from my Kindle e-book

Poetry of Photography : a poet’s approach to photography




Photography for making life beautiful like poetry

You want to make your tranquil morning scenes cloyingly beautiful ? I do not know if I want to make today’s pictures of a stagnant puddle, a marsh with some birds in it and several on the overhead electric wire a cloyingly beautiful picture, such as Monet would make in an impressionistic landscape painting. Perhaps I could try to make the photos painterly, approximating them to water-colors.

Supposing I make the sky vivid, the trees bursting, the lake sparkling. My consciousness sweeps the countryside, the temple in the distance, two trees hovering on them protectively. I throw in a few birds in different stages of fly. Some in the waters, some in their space, some just floating nowhere, some with wings grotesquely folded in the air, as though they were some balls flying. Some are mere “v’s in the sky disappearing into the clouds. The tree branches are blobs of green. The hills are a mere brown spilling to the plains. The men are ants moving about on a serious ant-like business. A man walks in a mud track with a water clay-pot balanced on his shoulders. The water is spilling on to his shirt making it indistinguishable from a sweat stain.

bird parliament on electric wires. Huge boulders lit in morning sun. Fence wire cutting off sunlight and throwing thin shadows on water ripples. White birds hovering on water surface. Some calmly chewing buffaloes in the distance .

wish I could paint a water color. I cannot achieve all this on a digital photograph by mere post-processing. But I try.

Supposing I try to make photography look like poetry. It may not be poetry but close enough. It is not merely in post-processing that I make my endeavors. I seek poetry in photography proactively. I go about making elaborate compositions .Beautiful situations that will make for poetry so that photographs shall turn “emotions recollected in tranquility”. Or even spontaneous overflows of powerful emotions.

I shall collect beauty tokens everywhere found in abundance in nature, in human artifacts, in the midst of people and things. I shall cherish them like memories and love them as if they are poetry. I shall make life beautiful by them.