The Vaishnavaite*

The luminous red-and-white chalk-lines
On our profoundly furrowed foreheads
Extended, over tenement tops and temple towers,
Into an anarchic aggregation of scriptural argument
The truth lay, mainly, not in monistic oneness,
Not even in dualistic separateness
But in the fiery union of the flesh with the spirit.

* A Vaishnavaite in the Hindu religion believes that Vishnu is the chief God, the creator,preserver and destroyer ,as against the Shaivaites, the followers of Shiva who believe that Shiva is the Chief God. The Vaishnavaites wear three -chalk-lines on their forehead .The Dwaita followers believe that Jivatma(soul) and Paramatma(God) are separate entities,while the followers of monism (Adwaita ) believe that there is no duality and Jivatma and Paramatma are one and the same

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