“If This Is All…” by Luciano Erba

They disturb my limpid faith
catholic apostolic and whatever else
not so much the course of the times
the new clerks’ treason, magnificent scandals
other bits of the puzzle remain in my hand
for example the poor fatted calf
that will be the one to suffer
when the prodigal decides to return.
I have obviously understood nothing
will have to think on it again some more.

(Text of the poem in the original Italian)

Luciano Erba
translated from the Italian by Peter Robinson

In terms of imagery there is nothing much in this poem . I find it still has the exquisiteness of concentrated thought without the use of analogy. The poet’s limpid faith is disturbed by some irreconcilable things about his faith .For example ,how is it a right thing to make the fatted lamb suffer when the prodigal son returns .His thought is typical of the hundreds of the dilemmas we face in our daily lives and more particularly in our religious faith. Here ,like all of us ,he decides to postpone thinking about it as we all do when such inherent contradictions stare us in the face.

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