“When I have seen the sun emerge”-Emily Dickinson

When I have seen the Sun emerge
From His amazing House –
And leave a Day at every Door
A Deed, in every place –

Without the incident of Fame
Or accident of Noise –
The Earth has seemed to me a Drum
Pursued of little boys.

The sun emerges from his amazing house and ,like a postman,leaves a day at every house. And a deed in every place (when the day comes,the deed takes place!).The deed takes place without the incident of fame because the deed is the incident,not the fame that may or may not be associated with it. Without the accident of noise because noise is an after-effect ,which is a mere accident .The Deed left by the sun in every place is a mere incident which may or may not be followed by noise.

The sun has such a large role in our lives.The earth is a mere drum rolled by little kids for fun .A beautiful image of a rolling drum pursued by little boys in the street.