“I open my heart” by Carl Newlen

I open my heart

(because I didn’t know what you feared I feared everything –
thought ‘a cold swift river emptying into nothing’ –
too afraid to lose you as you were and I as I am

because it felt like endlessness when I looked at you last,
I thought ‘bury these notes in a box in the earth and turn away’ –
remember you as you were, I as I am

because now I know, and like the past we are not ending –
we ended,so forget I said forever, then begged for a moment –
but oh how it was! – you as you were with me as I am

because I don’t know what to feel this far from your life –
through the window I watch that tree the wind keeps batting around –
so worn out and still I am far from anything)

and let you go.

A good poem .Barring the opening line and the fragment of line at the end everything is in parenthesis.Everything needs to be told in explanation. It is as though whatever needs to be told is only a little ;it is the annotation that finally makes it stand on its own.Watch that tree the wind is batting around .Watching ,the poet still is far from anything.


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